Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mad Hatter's Musical Chairs

So for today's Alice Week post, I thought I'd share information on a Disneyland location where you can meet characters from Alice in Wonderland!
Coke Corner is a place on Main Street that I go to often because they can add syrup flavors to your soda there and I love me some Cherry Sprite! They also have Mickey Pretzels, hot dogs, and chili. Yummy!
On my visits to Coke Corner, I have sometimes come across characters like the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts! This is because occasionally during the day, the Mad Hatter will show up outside to host an amusing game of Musical Chairs! Kids (and sometimes adults who are all kids at heart!) are selected from the dining tables to participate in the game. There is a pianist there too who provides the music. The Mad Hatter is usually the host but all the characters may vary. Most of them are usually from Alice in Wonderland and could include Alice, the Queen of Hearts, and the White Rabbit. Sometimes Peter Pan joins in as well!

The Mad Hatter explaining the rules of Musical Chairs

White Rabbit, Alice, and the Mad Hatter
Picture taken while waiting to get my Cherry Sprite!

The guy in bright green is Peter Pan!

All of these characters are a treat to see and meet because you usually only see them in the parades. After the game of Musical Chairs, you are able to meet some of them and take pictures.

The Mad Hatter hosts great parties!

The Queen of Hearts!

Although the time to meet them is still limited, the lines are usually a lot shorter than the typical line to meet a character. So if you, a friend, or family member love Alice in Wonderland and really want some good photos, stop by Coke Corner or City Hall and find out if they are going to be hosting Musical Chairs with the Mad Hatter that day. It usually starts around 2:30pm but this can change. (This activity is not listed in the "Shows & Live Entertainment" time sheet given out at the Disneyland entrance which is one of the reasons it is not as busy!) After finding out the time, you can get there before it starts and get some snacks and soda while enjoying the game and get some great pictures out of it!

The White Rabbit!

Here is a video of the game I found on YouTube. Just click on the link:
Musical Chairs with the Mad Hatter Video

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