Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Anaheim Angels

This past Monday, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim started their season! Because of their past association with Disney, I thought it would be fitting to do a post on the team!

Angels game

In 1994, before Disney owned the Angels, they released the film Angels In the Outfield. The movie stars a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Danny Glover, and Christopher Lloyd. Gordon-Levitt plays a boy who sees real angels on the field helping his favorite team, the Angels, win the pennant. Whenever the boy would see angels on the field he would flap his arms. At games today you still sometimes see fans do this motion as their cheer for the team.

A couple years after this movie, Disney bought the Angels. Their stadium was down the street from Disneyland. The team was known simply as the Anaheim Angels partly because Disney wanted Anaheim to be a destination city like Orlando, Florida (Disney World's location) is. In 1997, with the help of HOK Sport, Disney Imagineering remodeled the Angels' stadium. This remodel included the rock fountain that my fiance' always says reminds him of Big Thunder Mountain.

Rock fountain at Angel Stadium

In 2002 while still owned by Disney, the Anaheim Angels won the World Series. One of the ways they celebrated their victory was at a Disneyland Parade. Here is a picture I found of the event from the Associated Press (2003):

Mickey is an Angel fan!

In 2003, Disney sold the team but the Angels' history with Disney remains and at the games you can still find hints of Disney in things like the rock fountain and the stadium's location. Also, several of the fans I see at the game have Disneyland merchandise and seem to be fans of Disney like me! I always wear my Angels Mickey pin that I got at Disneyland at the games:

At game on Monday, there were some fans that brought a sign that said 'Matsuiland' in support of the Angels' new player, Hideki Matsui. It was very creative!

Matsui hit a homerun during that game helping the Angels beat the Twins 6 to 3! When Matsui was asked about the sign, he said that he had not seen it and had not heard of Matsuiland but that he has heard of Tokyo Disneyland!

Angels games are always a fun activity and if you don't mind where you sit, you can find tickets at a great price! Here is the site to the Angels website:

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

So that wraps it up for today! Go Angels! I hope they have a great season!

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