Thursday, April 8, 2010

Disneyland Tip- Wait Times!

So I thought I'd start off the weekend by sharing a Disneyland tip! If you are at the park this weekend and wish you could know the wait times of the rides without having to walk to them, there is a spot at the end of Main Street where you can find out! Here there is a board that has the names of rides on it and their wait times. Not all the rides are listed but some of the most popular ones are! It lists some shows and special events. Also if one of these rides are closed, it'll display that as well. There is a small information booth near it where a cast member receives the wait times from other employees around the park and keeps the board updated. You can go this person with any questions or to request one of their assorted buttons (like a birthday button).

Unfortunately there is no board like this at California Adventure. They now have Disney apps you can add to your phone that tells you Disney wait times as well. But if you don't have these like me and you're at Disneyland and want to know how long the wait for a ride is, check out this board to see if it is listed!

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