Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birthday at Disneyland

Disneyland is a great place to celebrate a birthday!  For the last few years, Disneyland has been my destination for my special day and here are a couple of the reasons why.
1.  The Birthday Button-
At multiple locations, you can pick up a birthday button to wear around the park. These are fun because all the cast members and characters that notice your button wish you a happy birthday! Sometimes the cast members even go out of their way to do something special for you.  For example, a cast member once gave me fastpasses! I got a button for my little sister when she was visiting and she loved it because during the Pixar Play Parade all the characters would come up and say happy birthday to her. You can get these buttons for free at several spots around the park- info booths, guest relations, and at the shops.

2. Fun places to dine-
There are a lot of great places to get your birthday meal at the Disneyland Resort.  One of the best places is the Blue Bayou Restaurant. At this restaurant, you get to dine under twinkling stars and watch the Pirate of the Caribbean boats go by.  For birthdays, they'll usually bring you a fun dessert after the meal!
For my birthdays, I usually like to do a Character Breakfast. They have several of them to pick from at the Disneyland Resort.  The Character Dining restaurants at the hotels don't require park entry so you can go there for a birthday meal without having to buy tickets. This year I did the "Minnie & Friends- Breakfast in the Park" at the Plaza Inn. Character Dining is a lot of fun because while you enjoy your meal, different Disney characters visit your table! Sometimes the characters even sit down and interact with you! Chip sat down at our table and played with our napkins!

3. Cake!
At a couple of the bakeries at Disneyland and at California Adventure, you can actually get a small birthday cake. They have a princess and a pirate version. For my cake this year, my fiance got me three of the princess cakes and we put them together! The cakes come in little treasure chests that you can keep afterward and also come with a toy mirror!

 Here is the princess version of the cake. You can get these at several of the Disneyland bakeries and certain restaurants.

We put three together and it looked great! 

So if you or a friend have a birthday coming up and are looking for a fun place to go, check out Disneyland! It's a great place for celebrating!

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