Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kobe Bryant is a Disneyland fan!

Being from San Antonio, I am a big Spurs basketball fan!  I was very sad when they lost to the Phoenix Suns in the Playoffs.  The Suns are now playing the Lakers and because I want to continue to root against the Suns, I'm cheering on the Lakers. Even though I now live in the Los Angeles area, I have never been a Laker fan.  Last year though, I found out that their star player, Kobe Bryant, is a big fan of Disneyland. He has a house in Orange County and has been seen at Disneyland a lot.  One time when I was at the park, a cast member told me that we had just missed Kobe because he had been there the day before!
Kobe Bryant told the Orange County Register some of his favorite Disneyland rides to go on with his family:
When I’m with my oldest daughter, it’s Splash Mountain. When I’m with my youngest daughter, it’s Peter Pan. And when I’m with my wife, it’s Space Mountain.”
In this video, he talks about his own favorite ride and an experience at California Adventure:

Here is a video of Kobe Bryant at Disneyland last year after the Lakers beat the Orlando Magic and won the NBA Championship.

I will always be a Spurs fan! But I must admit, I think how much Kobe likes Disneyland is pretty cool!

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