Monday, May 3, 2010

Wine Seller/Festival Gift Shop

For the Food and Wine Festival at California Adventure this year, the Wine Seller and Festival Gift Shop is located in the Festival Showplace.  Inside the shop was a lot of nice festival themed merchandise.  Check out these pictures of some of the merchandise they sell:

This set of Food and Wine Coasters are available for Annual Passholders.

Chef Jackets and hats

Chef Jackets for kids

Food and Wine festival wineglasses

Framed corks of wines featured at the festival.

There is also the Wine Seller in the gift shop where there is a selection of wine for purchase. You can buy a bottle here and then they will send it to the Guest Relations/Lost and Found located outside the park for you to pick up as you are leaving.  (They cannot have you walking around the park with a wine bottle!)  They even had some signed bottles that were sold at the same price as a regular bottle of the same wine.  I was excited about the Lasseter bottles signed by John Lasseter!

We got a bottle of the Lasseter Rose' signed by Lasseter.  We picked it up at Guest Relations after our visit to the park.

 There was a little bit of a wait because some of the people in line were actually there for the Lost and Found and it took them a while to describe their items.  But our bottle was worth the wait!

To finish off today's post, here's a picture of the Swedish Chef from the Muppets! You can see him at MuppetVision 3D at California Adventure.  

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