Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World of Color Fastpass System Part 1- Getting your Pass

The World Of Color fastpasses are being distributed at the Grizzly River Run Fastpass machines. To make sure you get a pass, get there early and be prepared to wait! We got there right as the park was opening and still had to wait in line for 45 minutes before getting our fastpass. The line went all the way to the Condor Flats sign that is near the entrance. (FYI- this is close to Baker's Field Bakery. I ran over there while my fiance' saved our spot in line and got us a Malibu Mocha frappe for us to drink while waiting. Yum!)

They had cast members at the fast machines to make the line go faster. You just hand them your tickets and they get the fastpasses for you.

A couple things you need to know about getting fastpasses:
  • all people need to all have entered the park. You can't get fastpasses with tickets that have not been used at California Adventure that day.
  • Not all people have to be in line to get the fastpass. You only need one person to wait in line with all the tickets to get all the fastpasses. But again- if you have a ticket that wasn't used to get into California Adventure that day, it won't work.
  • If you get a World of Color fastpass, you'll still be able to get other fastpasses afterwards. It won't affect you getting fastpasses for rides throughout the day.
 When you get your fastpass it'll have which showing you can attend (there are 2 scheduled nightly but because of high demand, California Adventure has been routinely adding a third show the last few days). It'll also indicate a color which represents your seating area. It also states what time you should get there for the show.

My next post will talk about what to do when you come back for the show with your fastpass!

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