Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World of Color Fastpass System Part 2- Using your Pass

When it came time for us to return for World of Color, we went to the viewing area. We had to show our fastpasses several times to get there. Our seating area was "Red."

To find your area, look for the lamps that are glowing the color on your fastpass.  A cast member there will take your pass but if you need to leave again to use the restroom, they'll give it back to you so you can return. Make sure you don't leave without one or you won't be able to get back in!
If you get to California Adventure early for your showtime, you will have to find where your color fastpass lines up before the show. For this, don't be shy and ask a cast member! Because on our way back after the show, we saw different lines all over the park waiting for the next show.
We got there a little later so we were able to just walk directly to our viewing area without waiting in line. However, since we weren't there early, there weren't many spots to pick from. While looking for a spot we found out that anyone with a fastpass could go in the Wet Zone, which is actually in the very front, so we decided to do that. It's a good spot for the show but note that it's called "Wet Zone" for a reason. Depending on where you stand and which way the wind is blowing, you could get very wet! They even have cast members in that area selling ponchos!

There is a pre-show before World of Color that manages to distract you while waiting for it to begin. It features different Disney characters who represent each of the viewing area colors.  Green was Mike Wazowski!

World of Color is an incredible show! I didn't take pictures of the show itself because I wanted to just enjoy my first time watching it (and I was in the wet zone!). I'll try to post some pictures after I see it again but you really need to see the show yourself. So if you have a chance you should go see World of Color! It's really worth seeing!

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