Sunday, June 6, 2010

World of Color- June 11th

California Adventure has a big day coming up!  The much anticipated nighttime spectacular, World of Color, is set to debut on June 11th.  Over the past week, Disney seems to have been having sneak peeks and previews of the show for cast members.

Colorful decorations have gone up in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot and in Sunshine Plaza in what I think will be the waiting area for visitors before they get to see World of Color.

The show is expected to attract very large crowds so there is probably going to be special Fastpasses for it. From what I've heard, the Fastpass distribution will be at the Fastpass machines that are usually used for Grizzly River Run.

There is a new area they created that will be used for World of Color viewing. This area is already open for guests to walk around in during the day.

On Friday, I noticed that there are large tubes of paint that decorate the park and say World of Color on them.  


World of Color is supposed to be amazing and I'm really looking forward to it!  If you are planning a trip to California Adventure this summer, try to catch the show!

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