Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back from the World of Disney Sale!

I woke up very early today for the Summer Sale for Annual Passholders and Vacation Club members at World of Disney by Disneyland. Jared, his brother, and I got there a little before 6:30am to find a long line outside the store. While waiting in line we got our wristbands for our free gift (first 1,000 people get one). As we got closer to the door to the store, one of the cast members handed each of us a garbage bag. When we got them, Jared and I burst out laughing. Why would we need a garbage bag?
Well, after we got into the store we found out. The deals were great! So many of the items I've looked at before but were too expensive to purchase were half off or more! There were also Doorbuster deals with items that were $1-$7.  Before I knew it, my bag was heavy and full of items I wanted to buy. After our rush to grab items, Jared and I found a quiet spot and emptied our bags and selected which items we really wanted and which we could live without. When we had entered the store, I had went for the Disney summer dresses first because I'd never gotten one because of the price. I grabbed a few that were my size and stuffed them in my bag so I could pick from them later. I didn't want them to run out of my size and that turned out to be the right thing to do because later when I returned the ones I chose not to take, I saw that all the others that were my size were gone!
It was hard to get up at 5:30am on a Saturday morning but in the end I was very happy I did because I went home with some great stuff and my free gift- Mickey ears that say "The Big Cheese."

One of the items I saw many people leaving with were the Vinylmation Muppets figurines. Usually they are around $10 and they were on sale for $3.98 each. Here's the two we got!

I thought the sale went very smoothly and was very organized. We didn't wait long to get into the store at all. Plus the Doorbuster items were spread out throughout the store so there was no area that was too crowded. I'll definitely be at the next sale and would recommend it to other passholders as well!


  1. That sounds like so much fun!!! I want to know what else is in your garbage bag! :)

  2. This is why we should live in California. Specifically close to Disneyland.

  3. You really bought a garbage bag full of stuff =)


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