Saturday, July 31, 2010

Disneyland Hotel Renovations and Weddings

A few months ago it was revealed that in addition to the current renovations Disney is making to the Disneyland Hotel towers they will also be making some major changes to the area around them.  Disney will be replacing Hooks Point and the Lost Bar with a new restaurant and bar. In addition, they are going to renovate the current Neverland pool, add a new waterslide area, and replace the waterfalls and koi pond with a grassy area that I read is going to be used for weddings (pre-reception space is my guess).

All these changes will affect Disneyland Hotel weddings because all these changes are taking place in the area surrounding the Rose Court Garden which is a popular ceremony location in the Disneyland Resort.

Here is a Disneyland Hotel map of what currently is around the Rose Court Garden.  The Rose Court Garden is on the bottom right corner.

Here is a map that I also altered slightly to indicate where the Rose Court Garden is in relation to the changes that are taking place.  The Rose Court Garden is again near the bottom right corner of the map.

The Rose Court Garden will stay the same but as you can see the area behind it will change.  There will be a brand new waterslide area and grassy area not far behind the Rose Court Garden that will be replacing where you currently find the waterfalls, Lost Bar, and arcade.  The waterfalls are a popular spot for quincenera and wedding pictures. There have been several times that I have walked by the waterfall area and have seen brides having pictures taken there.  Here is a link to The Disney Wedding Blog where you can see some of the pictures taken in the Disneyland Hotel Area including some by the waterfalls.

Disneyland Hotel Wedding 1 on The Disney Wedding Blog

Disneyland Hotel Wedding 2 on The Disney Wedding Blog

Several of the pictures I've seen that were taken by the waterfalls are really beautiful pictures.  But starting this fall, Disneyland brides will have to think of new photo spots. 
Also, one of the things I really loved about the Rose Court Garden was that when you listen carefully you can hear the sound of the waterfalls. When trying to pick a Disneyland wedding location, it was one of the pros on my list for the Rose Court Garden. I was sad when I realized that this would also be changing.
My fiance and I talked to our Disney Wedding consultant and she assured us that the Rose Court Garden would not be different.  The location is still a naturally beautiful spot for weddings and still my top pick for our own ceremony, but I thought I would point out these renovations that are happening so other Disneyland brides can plan accordingly.
Also, those brides who are using the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion for their receptions will have to consider that the view out of the many tall windows will be different and the construction outside may be visible.
I had been hoping to take wedding pictures by the waterfalls but since they will be gone before we get married, we stopped by there to get some pictures while they are still open.

The waterfalls will be closing August 16th.  Yesterday in the OC Register, it was pointed out that there are several other fans of the waterfalls and that there are different Disney fan sites urging people to write and call Disney to save the waterfalls.  There is also a Facebook page called Save the Disneyland Hotel Waterfalls.  The grassy area replacing it will be used for weddings but I wish they would just renovate the waterfalls instead because it is a great place for those wedding photos and a great spot to visit on those annual pass blackout days.  Maybe if they renovated them so there is more standing space above and around the waterfalls, it could be it's own pre-reception spot!

What do you all think?  Should they keep the waterfalls?  I think a lot of the changes they will be making will be good for the hotel but I really think the waterfalls could stay.  Make sure to stop by those waterfalls for some pictures before they're gone on August 16th!
Also- Lost Bar closes after tomorrow!  It's my favorite bar so I'm also sad that's going too.  It'll probably be busy tomorrow but if you're in the area, go and have one last drink there!
If you have any pictures of the waterfalls or other areas around the Disneyland Hotel or any fun memories from visiting there that you would like to share on the blog, feel free to comment or email them to!

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