Sunday, August 29, 2010

Disney Nerds Merchandise

There is some new merchandise at the Disneyland Resort that I saw at several of the stores for both adults and children. It has Mickey and other Disney characters in glasses and most of the items say things like "Nerds Rock!" and "I love nerds."  It's not great that it implies the characters having glasses and braces makes them nerds but I must admit the merchandise is actually really cute.  I think I might eventually get the women's t-shirt since I'm a proud Disney nerd!  Here are some pictures!

For adults, there are t-shirts, boxers, purses, and wallets.

For younger girls, there are shirts and sweaters.


  1. Im Actually looking for the Disney Nerds Purses and Wallets i saw when i went on my trip to Magic Kingdom this past October. GF went crazy for them. Know how i can find them?

  2. So far I've only seen the purses and wallets at the stores at the Disney Parks (like the World of Disney store). I haven't seen those items online but there is some other Disney Nerds merchandise for sale on the Disney Store website. Just go to and search for "nerds." They have a pen set and some women's pajama pants.

  3. In June, we bought my daughter the backpack, the eyeglass case, the hip lanyard, pins, lanyard, a necklace, and a vinylmation. They also had a small purse and a messenger bag. This was at the Magic Kingdom. Hope this helps! You can call Disney and tell them what you are looking for and they usually find it and you can purchase it over the phone! We've done that several times because we had forgotten to buy something! LOL

  4. As the mother of a 5-year-old who just got glasses, this new product line is incredible offensive to me. I'm extremely upset that Disney would put out such a line. Characters w/ glasses = very cool. Every single item saying "nerds" on it = very downgrading.

  5. my daughter is 23 and wants the backpack! she IS a NERD! She's a Rocket Scientist!!


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