Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Goodbye, Lost Bar

The Lost Bar, located at the Disneyland Hotel, closed it's doors for the last time this past Sunday along with the Video Arcade, Croc's Bits N Bites, and the Jungle Cruise themed remote boats.
The Lost Bar has been my favorite bar and spot in SoCal for several years. It was partially outside so you could enjoy the gorgeous California weather. Being by the Disneyland Hotel and near Disneyland, it always made me feel like I was on vacation even in the middle of a busy work week. I would go here to celebrate happy occasions, on my annual pass blackout days, or when I needed cheering up after a bad day. I've been going there since they had their old menu which featured the Lost Margarita. Disney is going to be rebuilding a bar in its place that is Jungle Cruise themed. The new bar sounds like it's going to be cool but I will miss Lost Bar as well as its surroundings. On my last visit to the bar, our waitress was one of those on the staff who had been working there for years so she knew exactly what I was talking about when I asked if I could get one last Lost Margarita. It was a perfect way to say goodbye.
Here are some pictures from Lost Bar and the Jungle Cruise remote boats next to it.

Lost Bar Margarita
 Jungle Cruise themed remote boats

Picture from a couple years ago.  At the Lost Bar after a long week at work.  
Good bye, Lost Bar. Thanks for the all the good times.

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