Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pictures from my Phone!

Wow!  It's been a long week for me so I haven't been able to do a post in a while.  Today, though, I finally uploaded some pictures from my cell phone to my laptop.  I don't upload my phone pictures very often so they're from the last few months. Here are a few of them.

I really like this picture.  It's a panoramic of the Rivers of America at Disneyland.

This picture is from a day that I decided to take my San Antonio Spurs Coyote to Disneyland!  (Go Spurs!) This is him in line for the Matterhorn:
This was from the All Star Game parade at Disneyland:


Last week I took this picture of Tigger outside Pooh Corner.  He was sitting by a sign that said Pooh's Thotful (Thoughtful) Spot.  So this is Tigger in his thinking pose:


I have some fun posts planned including one on my visit to Mickey's of Glendale so stay tuned!

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