Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where have I been?

At Disneyland of course!
One of my sisters, Bianca, came to visit me last weekend and I was busy showing her around Orange County and Disneyland.  Disneyland had a special online ticket deal where you could get a 5 day Disneyland pass for the price of a 3 day pass. This is what I ended up getting for my sister.  Five days may seem like a lot but it was actually very nice not to have to rush to do everything and be able to just go for the morning or the evening on some days.  The ticket came with one Magic Morning entry so we were able to go into the park an hour earlier for one of the days.

We were able to do all the rides she had wanted to do, have time for shopping, and see all the nighttime shows including World of Color (twice!).  Disneyland doesn't have that particular ticket deal anymore but I strongly recommend always checking their website for new online deals before going to the ticket office.

Here are a couple of pictures from around the park last week!

Last weekend for Glow Fest
World of Color Pre-Show
Princess Tiana in New Orleans Square
Matterhorn view from Pixie Hollow
Pixar Play Parade

I had so much fun with my sister here!  I'm so glad she came to visit! 
Our tired feet after lots of fun walking all over the park!

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