Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Disney Dance Crew starring Talking Mickey!

There's a new show at California Adventure called Disney Dance Crew.  It started on Friday and replaced the show Drawn to the Magic which featured characters at the end of every show.  In Disney's Dance Crew you get to see a very special character...Mickey Mouse!  But it's not just any Mickey, it's a Mickey that blinks and talks! 

In Disney Dance Crew, two groups of dancers compete against each other dancing to remixed Disney tunes.  At the end of the show, talking Mickey shows up and gets the two groups to dance together.  Unfortunately, the talking Mickey does not come out after the show to take pictures and interact with guests. However, you can take pictures with a more traditional Mickey that doesn't talk but is dressed in hip hop clothes.

Here is a short clip from the show.  It's a little grainy though because my camera doesn't shoot the best video.  I'm not sure how I feel about the new Mickey.  I thought he was a little creepy at first but I'll have to see the show again sometime to see if one gets used to seeing a Mickey with a face that is so animated.  What do you all think?


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