Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mickey's Trick or Treat Party

For the past couple years I have been going to Mickey's Trick or Treat Party at California Adventure every October. This year the party has been moved to Disneyland and is now called Mickey's Halloween Party.  Although I have not been to this version of the party yet, I thought I would share some details from when I went in the past.
I love Halloween but I'm more into dressing up and carving pumpkins than I am into having creepy people jump out and scare me. So when I first heard about the Halloween parties I knew they were perfect for me because I get to enjoy some Halloween fun without worrying about who is going to try to frighten me next. The parties are great for the whole family because people of all ages get to dress up, trick or treat, and go on rides!
When I went to the parties at California Adventure, the park was decorated for Halloween and at night they had special lights illuminating some of the rides.

There were Trick or Treat stations throughout the park that were marked with large glowing Mickey shaped ghosts.  There were a good variety of treats that included both candy and some healthier options like raisins and apple slices.  I was particularly excited when I found that one of the trick or treat stations had Ghiradelli chocolate!

Last year at Paradise Pier you could play the Boardwalk Games for free to try to win even more candy!

There was even a small parade that featured Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie dressed up in costumes dancing to their favorite Halloween tunes.

Outside of Bugs Land, you could find live scarecrows that moved and talked to you! I've read that these scarecrows are at the Disneyland Halloween parties this year as well.

My favorite part of the party was going on the rides because there were barely any lines! I'm not sure what the wait times will be this year since it's at Disneyland but at DCA the wait times were very short!  We went on Tower of Terror three or four times without waiting last year.  One of the times we went on the ride we took several pictures in the lobby because there wasn't anyone behind us waiting for us to move.

I've had very good experiences at the past Disney Halloween parties I've attended.  I always felt there could have been some improvement though such as more character photo spots, Trick or Treat stations, and more of a consistent Halloween theme throughout the park.  Now that the event is at Disneyland, a lot of these problems have been fixed.  From what I've read, there are many more Trick or Treat Stations and photo spots and the whole park is decorated for the event. Also now that the event is at Disneyland the fireworks show, Halloween Screams, is included.
The Halloween parties are on Tuesdays and Fridays nights as well as on Halloween night this month.  Here is the link to where you can buy tickets online.
Disney's Halloween Party Tickets
Has anyone gone to the party already this year?  What did you think? 
I've got my ticket already.  Now I just need to pick out a costume!  I've got some posts coming up about Disney costume ideas so check the blog again soon!

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