Monday, November 8, 2010

Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland

On Halloween this year, I went to Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland.  In previous years, the parties were held at California Adventure.  I enjoyed the parties in the past and was looking forward to seeing what the party was like at Disneyland.  I was not disappointed!  Here are a few of the highlights...

-The decorations for the Halloween parties were excellent!  In addition to the Halloween Time decor Disneyland has during the day, there were lights illuminating the castle and other buildings on Main Street.  The Mickey shaped ghosts from the parties at California Adventure again marked the Trick or Treat Stations. My favorite were the fog machines that added an eerie mist to Main Street and the Rivers of America.


-There were two spots at Disneyland for dancing and seeing some familiar characters!  There was Club Buzz at Tomorrowland where you could dance along with Buzz Lightyear.  In New Orleans Square they transformed the French Market Restaurant into Club Skellington. I especially enjoyed this spot (and not just because I was dressed like Sally this year)!  I thought it was well done and such a great idea because it was right next door to the Nightmare Before Christmas themed Haunted Mansion.  At Club Skellington there was also a photo area where you could meet Jack Skellington and Sally as well! 


 -I noticed that there seemed to be more photo spots than previous years. This had been my one complaint about the parties at California Adventure.  The photo spots at California Adventure had long lines since there weren't as many available.  At Disneyland, there seemed to be photo spots at every corner including those with characters. In addition to all these spots, there was also a special price on PhotoPass pictures that night.  You could get your picture for $9.99 for 5"x7" or 8"x10". The price for these pictures are usually higher than that! It was a pretty good deal!
-A big difference from last year was that the Halloween themed firework show called "Halloween Screams" was part of the party.  The firework show features Jack Skellington and his dog Zero who flies over the castle. 

-There was also a calvacade at the party.  There was one last year as well but this one seemed a little bigger than last year's.  Like last year, the mini parade featured several of your favorite characters dressed up in costumes.

-Finally, there was a great assortment of candy this year!  I received several candy bars like Kit Kat Bar, Crunch, Reese's, and Snickers as well as M&Ms and Skittles.  There was also a stand where you could get Ghiradelli candy.  Check out the loot I had at the end of the night!

Overall, I think Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland was a lot of fun!  I would not suggest going on Halloween though because it seemed more crowded than on other nights.  I would still strongly recommend going to one of the parties!  It requires a separate ticket but I think it's worth it. 
I hope everyone had a great Halloween!  Now it's time to get ready for the holiday season!  
Disneyland starts celebrating the holiday season on this Friday, November 12th!


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