Monday, January 17, 2011

California Adventure Entrance

If you have been to California Adventure one of things you may remember are the tall letters spelling out the word "California" at the entrance to the park.

The letters were a popular picture spot for guests. I have several fun pictures of my family and friends in front of their favorite letters.

N is for Nerissa!

Over the past few months, construction has begun on the new entrance for DCA and the mural just inside the park was removed.  Last week, the construction began on the removal of the "California" letters.  A wall was put up around the letters to hide the work being done.  The wall was very plain the first time I saw it.

No more mural inside the park and a big wall surrounding the letters.

A couple days later when I went back the wall was covered with many of my favorite Disney old cartoon characters!

Entrance to DCA

It's Oswald!

Pictures of what the entrance will look like once the work is done!


  1. Thanks for sharing the pics, I was wondering what it all looked like now with the letters gone.

  2. Make sure to keep checking, I'm going to put up more pics when it's all done. Thanks for reading!


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