Friday, February 18, 2011

Disney Character Warehouse Outlet Store

I'm going to Las Vegas this weekend so I thought I would share a fun Disney stop I always like to make when I'm over there!

At the Las Vegas Outlet Center you can find one of the Disney Character Warehouse Outlet Stores!  If you're a Disney fan, it's a great place to check out because they have all kinds of Disney merchandise on sale.  You can find stuff from both Disneyland and Disney World! 
There are other Character Warehouse stores including one in Fullerton that is not far from Disneyland.  I like stopping by the one in Vegas because sometimes I find different things they don't have at the Fullerton location.
Here are some pictures from the store in Fullerton.  

Fullerton Location

Lots of fun merchandise!

Mickey Monsters- Buy one get one free!

Disney World Merchandise

Fullerton location will ship your purchases if you are visiting from far!

Here's a link to where you can find a couple of the Disney Character Warehouse Outlet Store:
Las Vegas 

I'll be away from my computer for a couple days.  I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! 


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