Sunday, March 27, 2011

Plans for So Disney!

I've disappeared the last week or so.  Work has been pretty busy and I have been getting home tired and not wanting to look at the computer.  That is no excuse though!  I will try to do better!  This bear will make sure I do!

I promised on So Disney's birthday to do a post about my upcoming goals for the site so here are a few things I have planned.  

Goals and Plans for So Disney! :

1.  Giveaways-  I really would like to start doing occasional giveaways on the site.  I actually got something recently that I plan to give away very soon!  My plan is to have followers of the blog leave comments regarding a question and then I would randomly pick a winner.  I haven't figured out all the details yet but keep coming back for a chance to win free stuff!

2.  Now at Disneyland and Now at DCA links- I have recently created two new tabs on the bar under the header on this site that are called "Now at Disneyland" and "Now at DCA".  These links are meant to be an easy way for people to easily get to posts that discuss what is currently going on at the parks.  I'm still working on these and I hope to be able to update it regularly.  I'm working on something similar for the "Disney Merch" tab.

3. Themed Days/Weeks-  I was thinking of having a couple days a week that are themed like Photo Fridays or Merchandise Mondays or maybe a day that features food at Disneyland.  I'm still deciding on this.

4.  Guest Posts-  I'm hoping to have occasional guest posts from friends and anyone who is interested in submitting anything!  My fiance' Jared is going to be posting something soon that I think will be a great read!

So those are a few ideas I'm currently working on.  If there is anything that you are particularly excited about or interested in, please let me know!  Also if there is anything you'd like to see on the site please comment or send me an email (
 Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the upcoming giveaway. Tell your friends!   I plan on announcing the item and details sometime this week!

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