Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ariel's Undersea Adventure

Since the giveaway question is about Disney California Adventure (DCA), I decided I would do some posts on DCA this week.  Right now, there is a lot of construction going on over there as they renovate the park.  One of the additions to it that will be opening in the Summer is the new Little Mermaid ride, Ariel's Undersea Adventure.  Here are some pictures I took at the Blue Sky Cellar of a few displays about the upcoming ride.

A model of one of the rooms you'll ride through

While at California Adventure today I was impressed by how great the building for the ride looks!  It's taking the space that used to be a theater where they showed the film Golden Dreams.  The building has been undergoing a lot of construction the past few months and now it's looking really close to being done.  It looks amazing!

King Triton

I'm really looking forward to this ride! I think it'll be a great addition to California Adventure!  

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