Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Save $5 on Tron!- Disney Movie Rewards

Are you a member of Disney Movie Rewards? If you aren't and love Disney movies I recommend it!  It doesn't cost anything and is a way for you to earn points from the Disney movies you buy.  Recently Jared noticed that they sometimes have $5 dollar manufacturer coupons on the newest Disney movies.  You just sign in and then print the coupon (you'll need to download coupon printing software first).  I used a coupon last week and saved $5 on Tangled and yesterday I used another coupon to save $5 on Tron.  The coupon only seems to be available on the site the week the movie comes out (Tangled isn't there anymore).
After you sign up, you can use the site to enter any Movie Reward Codes you get on Disney DVDs and Blu-Rays.  Jared and I share his account so we can combine our points. We buy several Disney movies between the two of us so we have managed to get quite a few points and use them to get some cool stuff.  Also you can earn extra points whenever they have a survey available.
In addition to getting things with your points sometimes they even give away free items. All you have to do is pay for shipping.  I got aWall-E poster for about $3 this way.  Around your birthday they usually send you an email giving you a choice of a few Disney movies as a gift.  This is how we got the DVD of Sky High, Blu-Ray of The Rookie, and Blu-Ray of The Game Plan.  All for free (plus shipping which is usually only $3-$5)!
I highly recommend joining the Disney Movie Rewards program.  We like using it because it's a fun way to get something back from the Disney movies we buy.

Check out some of the stuff we've gotten for free!

Sky High DVD and The Game Plan Blu-Ray

Wall-E Poster

Here are some of the things we have gotten with our points!  (Free shipping on these items!)

Agent P Wall Clock

DuckTales The Movie & Donald in Mathmagic Land DVDs

Walt Disney Treasures- Your Host Walt Disney DVD

Here's the link to Disney Movie Rewards!

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  1. Wow this is really cool. I like that clock, and I know 2 other special girls that would love that clock too,lol! I am going to sign up for this. We got Tangled a couple days ago, and normally get the newest Disney movies. Thanks for the link!


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