Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Last Night of ElecTronica!

Hi Everyone!  This past weekend marked ElecTronica's last nights at California Adventure.  My husband and I are big fans and have had many great times there with family and friends.  We liked it so much we even had a touch of it at our wedding and celebrated there on our mini-moon!  We went both last Saturday and Sunday to get our final hours on the Grid.  My husband took some awesome photos and video and he even wrote up this post!

The Portal Shuts Down...
Long lines and huge crowds mark end of DCA night-time party.

On Sunday, April 15th, the ElecTronica portal closed for the last time after a lengthy stay at Disney California Adventure park. The night-time dance party will eventually be replaced by the new "Mad T Party," a similar Alice in Wonderland themed dance party on June 15th.

The last night of ElecTronica featured a performance by Laser Man and two DJs. The final evening also featured long lines for Glowjitos and Digitinis at the End of the Line Club and the bar by the Animation Building.

The crowds didn't seem to mind how busy the party was as they danced (I even saw some crowd surfing) through the night. One bad byproduct of the large crowds was the effect they had on the cutoff time for the bars. Both bar areas had to cut off the lines a full hour prior to the 10pm end time. Traditionally last call and the line cut off was only half an hour prior to the park closing. Also, on Sunday and Saturday the two bars had trouble keeping Glowjitos in stock (our favorite!).

The last few minutes came and went quickly and the end of the night was well staged. The DJs played one more song for the last time and then a countdown clock ticked off the last ten seconds until they "terminated" the ElecTronica program for the last time. After the countdown the lights went out and the party was over.

We also have a video from the night before this last one that we will share in a later post!  It features our favorite Eckert's last speech!  

We are definitely going to miss ElecTronica!  We had so many fun evenings there!  What was your favorite part of ElecTronica? 

Want to read the post from when ElecTronica first opened?  Check it out here- ElecTRONica

Monday, April 9, 2012

DCA Merchandise Showcase Event

A little over a week ago I stopped by California Adventure to check out their Merchandise Showcase event for Annual Passholders.


The showcase was in Stage 17.  Inside they had a few displays and lots of new California Adventure merchandise that will be hitting the shelves in the upcoming months. 

Here's some of the new California Adventure Merchandise!

I really liked this jar!

Cars Land merchandise

They had a display that showed some of what the Cast Members will be wearing.

I really liked this California Adventure shirt they had with Mickey and Minnie in a car!

They had a lot of Cars Land shirts!

Near the merchandise Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater were on display!

It was neat to see all the cool stuff that they will be selling at California Adventure!  I even bought a few items to take home!

I love my new shirt!

Cars Vinylmation Monorail

Our Cars Vinylmation Monorail out of its box

DCA Mystery Pin Box

Pins we got!

They also had a section that I was excited to see that was all about the Mad T Party that will be taking ElecTronica's place this summer.  I'm a big fan of ElecTronica but it was interesting to see their plans for what's next.  I'll share those pictures in my next post!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

I was so happy to spend Easter morning with my friends today at the Disneyland Hotel!

While we were there we saw the Easter egg hunt they were having at the hotel for the kids!  It looked like so much fun, I wish that they had one for adults too!

That's a lot of eggs on that lawn!

They had Easter baskets you could purchase

Because it's Easter, here are a few photos of some of my favorite Disney bunnies!

White Rabbit!

Duffy!  (Not an actual bunny)
Bean Bunny!
Happy Easter everyone!


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