Monday, April 9, 2012

DCA Merchandise Showcase Event

A little over a week ago I stopped by California Adventure to check out their Merchandise Showcase event for Annual Passholders.


The showcase was in Stage 17.  Inside they had a few displays and lots of new California Adventure merchandise that will be hitting the shelves in the upcoming months. 

Here's some of the new California Adventure Merchandise!

I really liked this jar!

Cars Land merchandise

They had a display that showed some of what the Cast Members will be wearing.

I really liked this California Adventure shirt they had with Mickey and Minnie in a car!

They had a lot of Cars Land shirts!

Near the merchandise Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater were on display!

It was neat to see all the cool stuff that they will be selling at California Adventure!  I even bought a few items to take home!

I love my new shirt!

Cars Vinylmation Monorail

Our Cars Vinylmation Monorail out of its box

DCA Mystery Pin Box

Pins we got!

They also had a section that I was excited to see that was all about the Mad T Party that will be taking ElecTronica's place this summer.  I'm a big fan of ElecTronica but it was interesting to see their plans for what's next.  I'll share those pictures in my next post!


  1. I saw the merchandise and really like it! My favorites are the old school Mickey and Minnie on vacation shirts too. I almost got the one you bought yesterday! lol I also like the kids jackets. I think I need a blue one so I'll have to "forget" my jacket on one of these trips so I have a reason to "need" a new jacket. ;)

    1. We have such similar tastes in our Disney apparel! :) hee hee! I want that jacket too. I like your idea of needing the new jacket because you "forgot" it at home. ;)

    2. That's why they say, "(disney) birds of a feather, flock together." :)


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