Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mad T Party- Coming Soon!

Recently we posted video from ElecTronica's last night!  As I've mentioned before I was a big fan and was sad to see it go.  It is going to be replaced with a new night event called the Mad T Party.  They've already started setting it up and despite previously seeing some of the plans for it I was surprised by how much they're doing for it!  I must admit it definitely has me curious!

The "Drink Me" bar is set up and looks fun and whimsical!

Table on the ceiling

Here are some more photos I took of the area.

Pretty big stage

End of Line Club is now House of Cards

I was happy to see that there will still be an arcade!  Flynn's has been replaced with Mad Arcade.  I'm kind of hoping the games will be the same because there were some I had grown attached to but we'll see!

What do you all think of the set up so far?  I was pretty skeptical about it at first but am looking forward to seeing what this looks like when it's all completed!


  1. Thanks for the pics! I didn't realize they had so much done already! I'm very excited about it. I read yesterday what the music will be and I love that it'll have everything from the Beatles to today! Plus, I also saw that on top of having the live band, they're going to have a DJ and one of them happens to be the same one we danced to at Courtney's DCA wedding! Small world, huh? :)

    I'm glad they're keeping the arcade and doing more interactive stuff like the whack-a-mole or basketball hoop thing.

  2. Yay I am glad to see these. I was wondering what it looked like so far. I like the table on the ceiling. I wonder what the drinks are going to be like. Thanks!


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