Sunday, June 24, 2012

At the gates of California Adventure- June 14th!

On June 15th, California Adventure had it's big reopening!  The walls came down and all that had been worked on was revealed!  I hadn't been planning on really checking it out until the crowds died down but as the big day grew closer I started to get pretty excited and decided I'd have to go!  I was so excited in fact that on June 14th, I headed over to take a peek through the gates right after I got off work.
California Adventure was closed that day to the public so I wasn't going to be able to go inside but I knew that the line for the next day would start forming early.  I went to see what it looked like and to see if I could see anything through the gate. As I walked over I saw that the line for the next day had already started forming in the small parking lot off of Harbor.  After getting through bag check, right away I saw that the banners in the Esplanade were different and were of California Adventure!  

There were signs surrounding the entrance that said it was closed and would reopen the next day.  

When I went up to the gate I was not disappointed!  The wall that you saw as you entered for the past several months was gone and I could see straitght into Buena Vista Street!

Cast Members coming to tell me to go away... Just kidding!

Cameras and lights at the end of the street


I was very impressed with how it looked just from the gate and couldn't wait until the next day so that I could explore the park!  I had to work the next day but planned to head over immediately after!  My next few posts will be about my experience at California Adventure on opening day!


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