Monday, July 9, 2012

California Adventure Grand Reopening! Part 1

I didn't get to go into California Adventure as soon as it reopened on June 15th but I was able to go after work!  I went solo and had a really nice time taking in the new surroundings and checking out all the new merchandise!
I was nervous that the park would have reached capacity by the time I got there around 6:30pm but there actually wasn't much wait at this point and I got in just fine!
To start off I must say how much I loved Buena Vista Street!  All the changes made a big difference and you do feel like you're stepping into another time and place as you walk in.  The trolley was fun to see and there were so many new things to look at I felt a little overwhelmed trying to decide where to start.

I looked over at Oswald's which I was pretty excited about and spotted a new Oswald toy! It looked like there were only two left on the shelf so despite not having looked at anything else, I rushed over to purchase it since my husband and I are big fans!

Our new Oswald at home

From Oswalds I went over to Five and Dime to look for what merchandise they had for the Grand Opening.  It was here that I found out there was a special merchandise event for Annual Passholders at the Animation Building so I headed that direction. Near the Animation Building they had several tables that seemed to have had people from different radio stations at them earlier in the day.

They had a sign outside the Animation Building so I knew I was in the right place.

As I walked into the Animation Building I was handed several sheets of paper that indicated which areas had which merchandise.  I was also given a pencil. Inside there were different sections that had various merchandise in cases.  The setup made it a little hard to see what merchandise they had to offer but it didn't keep me from buying a few items.

Inside the Animation Building

Some of the merchandise

From there I headed back to Buena Vista Street and checked out the new statue of Walt and Mickey.

I was pretty excited by Buena Vista Street and wanted to explore some more but I was curious about Cars Land so I went over.  I'll post that night's photos from Cars Land in my next post!  


  1. I felt overwhelmed when I first got to Buena Vist Street too. It's so pretty! I have to go back and appreciate it more. We did the shops at night, but it wasn't the same. I was really disappointed that Oswald's didn't have more of his merchandise. Mike was BUMMED that they didn't have the Oswald ears there that we had seen other people wear. (They're non-Disney it turns out and available only at a fan convention. Boo!) I'm glad you got go to as soon as it opened and took pictures for us.

    1. We were bummed about the ears too! We kept seeing them around the park and were convinced they must be somewhere! But then we found out they weren't :( I hope that they end up bringing them to the park someday! Otherwise we may have to figure out a way to make them ourselves! ;)

  2. I love reading all the recaps of Cars Land and Buena Vista Street -- it makes me so excited to see them in person! Thanks for all the great pictures! :)


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