Friday, July 13, 2012

DCA Grand Reopening Part 2- Cars Land!

So when I left off on my recap of my experience at DCA on it's Grand Reopening day, I was headed to Cars Land! (Click here to read Part 1!)  When I got to the area of Cars Land I saw that the walls were down and that there was a big sign at the start of DCA's Route 66.

It seemed like everyone visiting DCA was at Cars Land because it was so crowded!  Everything had a long line and there were people everywhere!

I think this might be my favorite area in Cars Land!

So crowded!

I considered the Single Rider line for Radiator Springs Racers but even it had a 50 minute wait!

I saw a line that went far down their Route 66 and thought it was part of the regular line but when I asked someone I found out it was actually the line for people using Fastpasses!
I ended up just walking around the Radiator Springs Racers ride and I was amazed at how massive it was!

It was a little after this that I heard the song "Sh-Boom" start playing so I raced back to see the buildings light up!  The street looks nice during the day but I really think it looks best at night!

I didn't spend too long at Cars Land because of the crowd but I was glad I was able to check it out!

Afterwards I went back to Buena Vista Street to take a peek inside Carthay Circle.  The lounge looked very nice and I made a mental note to come back soon for a drink!


I left Carthay Circle and went over to check out the Mad T Party.  I'd been to it before but it was it's first official night so I wanted to take a look!  I'll be sharing lots of photos from that in my next post!


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