Monday, August 13, 2012

Mad T Party- Part 3 of DCA Reopening Recap!

I’ve reached the last part of my visit on DCA’s reopening day!  After Cars Land, I decided to go to the Hollywood Pictures Backlot and check out the Mad T Party.  I’d visited before during its soft opening but I wanted to see how it was on it’s first official day. 
As some of you may already know I was a big fan of ElecTronica and Mad T Party was what replaced it so I was a bit sad about the change but am really trying to embrace it!
Mad T Party is another night event that features dancing, music, and games. The entrance for Mad T Party is pretty cool and is meant to seem like you are going down a rabbit hole.  

There is a big stage in front of Monsters Inc. where the DJ sits.  I actually thought that it was a cute idea to have the White Rabbit be the DJ.

The stage is also where the Mad T Party band performs.  Throughout the night they come out a few times and play a few songs. The band is made up of characters from Alice In Wonderland.  Their outfits resemble the costumes of the characters in Tim Burton’s film version of the story.  The Cheshire Cat is the drummer, Caterpillar is on the keyboards, and March Hare and Doormouse are on guitar and bass.  The lead singers are the Mad Hatter and Alice.  It’s neat to see a live band but for anyone who goes more than once you are going to see songs repeated every night (the Very Merry Unbirthday song gets in my head ALL the time now).  

There is another stage that has performances by a dance crew that represent a deck of cards.  It also has a very unique performance by what I call the human slinky caterpillar.  Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum come on stage to introduce them. 

The dancing slinky caterpillar??!

Finally, what used to be Flynn’s has been changed to the Mad Arcade. This made me a little sad because I love all those old arcade games that used to be in there.  Inside I was happy to find skeeball but everything kind of felt like it came out of a Chuckie Cheese.  Don’t get me wrong- I like those games too but I thought finding an arcade full of classic games was more rare and so more of a treat.  (Plus it would have fit in nicely with the upcoming Disney film Wreck It Ralph!).  

Despite my disappointment in the arcade the Mad T Party is worth checking out.  After that first night I’ve gone several more times and am getting used to the change.  I took my family recently and they really enjoyed themselves which made me like it more!

For the night of the reopening there was a big crowd and among the crowd there were several people in shirts that summed up my feelings pretty well.

After Mad T Party I hopped on a cab home with all my souvenirs from the day.  It was an exciting evening!  That ends my DCA Reopening Day recap!  :)


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