Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mickey's Halloween Party 2012

A little over a week ago my husband and I went to Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland.  It's become tradition for us and we've gone the last several years. It's interesting to see how it's grown since we first went in 2007. Back then the parties took place at California Adventure and since then the parties have evolved and have even moved over to Disneyland.  
We always have a nice time although I must admit we do miss the days when the parties were less popular and you felt like you had the park to yourself (the California Adventure party days).  Last year was our wedding and I had family in town for it so some of us were able to all go together to the Halloween party the day after the wedding!  We went a second time with friends right after our wedding week and we had a great time with them as well!
This year we waited until the last minute to get our tickets but were able to get some for the Friday before Halloween.  One of the things I love about the parties is that grown ups are also allowed to wear costumes as long as they abide by Disney's rules. I wish that grown ups could always wear costumes to Disneyland but I'm glad that we can at least to the parties.
This year we didn't want to spend a lot of money on costumes so we decided to put them together ourselves and dressed like Anita and Roger from 101 Dalmatians. A lot more people realized who we were than I thought would so I think we did pretty good!

When we walked in, it seemed uncrowded except for a really, really long line that lead to Maleficent!  I had never seen Maleficent outside of Fantasmic so it was a fun character to see.
She actually looks rather scary! Unfortunately the line was so long we couldn't get a photo with her but I was still able to get this one!

We looked at the castle and the lights and projections on it for the party were neat but there was snow already on there for Christmas and it messed with the creepy illusion a bit.

Here's the back of the castle.

We didn't' have any particular thing we wanted to do at this year's party so we decided to just explore the park and see what kinds of lines there were for rides.  The lines were all actually really long at the time.  We did manage to do Astro Blasters though and got this photo!

Finally it came time for fireworks and we headed over to Main St where we were met with some sad news.  Due to the strong winds that day, the fireworks were cancelled.  We were pretty bummed because the only time you can see the Halloween fireworks is at the Halloween parties. 

We went over to Frontierland and walked by Rancho Del Zocalo Restaurante which had been turned into a Pirate themed dance floor. I noticed that Goofy was there dressed like a pirate, which reminded me of a Disney World trip where we got to meet Pirate Goofy, so we went over to look. We found that there were actually several characters there dancing and they were all dancing with everyone there!  It was fun so we stuck around for a bit! 

Gangnam Style!

Donald's shuffling!

Next we headed over to peek at Haunted Mansion but stopped when we saw that the Cadaver Dans were out and performing on the Rivers of America.  It was SO COOL!  I had forgotten they would be performing at the parties and it was such a fun surprise.  They were singing Halloween tunes and I had such a great time watching them that I felt it made up for not being able to see the fireworks!

After that we spent the rest of the time trick or treating and wandering around the park.  The Matterhorn's line was short so we managed to do that twice in a row! We went through the Trick or Treat trail they had at Innoventions and found Phineas and the Ferb at the end.  They were especially excited about our costumes and our dalmatian!  Phineas kept playing with the dalmatian so I told him about my family's dog Phineas who we named after him!  He was pretty happy about it.

We had a really nice time at Mickey's Halloween Party this year!  We were sad that the fireworks were cancelled but it definitely did not ruin our experience!  It was a nice night and we came home with lots of candy!

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I hope everyone had a happy Halloween!


  1. You 2 look so cute! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. That's too bad about the fireworks, but the Cadaver Dans are really neat. I like the trick or treat trail. I hope to do the Halloween party again sometime.

  2. Looks so fun! I'm jealous! Great pictures!

  3. We went on Halloween day and the park was surprisingly empty and there were lots of people in full out costume, so I think we're going to try that again next year and save the extra money for the night time party. It seems cool though and I'm glad you got a picture of Maleficent. She's supposed to be there next Sept. 13 so I hope we can make it! Your "dance club" pictures remind me of how the characters used to dance at TLT with the cover bands back in the day. That was fun. Anyway, your "costumes" were really cute. We did something similar and I'll post pics in my LJ. Thanks for sharing your adventure this year! :D

  4. Since you have been so often I was wondering if you could tell me if they put on a fantasmic show for those that go to the party on fridays.

    1. Hi Andrea. They don't do Fantasmic during the parties. Instead the Rivers of America is usually covered with eery fog and lights, and sometimes you can watch the Cadaver Dans (the Halloween Dapper Dans) sing Halloween tunes on a raft that floats by. There is also a special Halloween firework show over the castle.


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