Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Thoughts- Disney Pillow Pets!

It's time for a happy thoughts post!  The post is a little late but really it's never too late for some happy thoughts!

Today I’m sharing photos of one of my favorite sections at the World of Disney store in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney.

At the store there is a section where there is a wall of plush animals.  Several of them are pillow pets and I love walking by all of their friendly faces!

While I’m there I stop for a couple hugs too!

Can I take all of them home?

I usually manage not to buy one but it's hard to resist!  My family and I both already have some at home.. My husband and I have a Lotso Pillow Pet and one of my sisters has a Pluto one!  The Pluto pillow pet is loved by many including my family's dog Phineas!

Phineas loves the Pluto pillow pet!

There are several of these pillow pets at shops at the Disneyland Resort including some that are not pictured!  They are so colorful and cheerful that I thought it was perfect for a Happy Thoughts post!  Which of the pillow pets is your favorite?

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Thoughts Monday- Update!

It's time for a quick update! I know I usually do a Happy Thoughts post on Mondays but since my update includes some good news, I think it still fits!  As some of you might have noticed I've taken a small break from blogging the past couple weeks but it's for a happy reason..  I'll explain why at the end of this post!

First things first- I love pictures so I thought I'd start out with announcing that I created an Instagram account for my blogs!  I already had a private one for family and friends but thought it was time to have an account to share with you all!  I use Instagram probably more than any other social media (besides Pinterest) so I hope to post pictures on there regularly.  If you want to follow along you can find me at http://instagram.com/disney_neri

Here's one of the pictures I've posted on there so far!  I love it because I thought it was such a fun sight to see Mr. and Mrs. Incredible strolling by the Hollywood Tower Hotel! 

Now it's time for the reason I've been taking a blogging break... I recently started a new job!  I'm really happy about the change and it seems great so far!  I'm not sure how often I'll be posting on the blog as I continue to get accustomed to a new routine but I'll still try to post whenever I can!  :)

Have a great week! 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Disney at Home- Lady and the Tramp Movie Night!

So it time for a second new feature that I am adding to So Disney!  I plan to have other posts as well but I have some stuff going on right now that is keeping me a way from the computer.  I haven’t decided if this feature is going to be weekly or bi-weekly.  We'll see how it goes!

The new feature is Disney at Home Fridays!  Not everyone can make it to the parks and even though I’m nearby I am not always able to head over to Disneyland either.  Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a little Disney fun at home whether it be through a movie night, d├ęcor, a party, or games!

To start off this feature I decided to share a picture from a couple months ago!  It was a weeknight after a long day at work and my husband and I decided to have a Disney movie night!  Some friends of ours enjoy themed dinner and movie nights routinely and they always seem a lot of fun so we did a simple version of one!  (maybe some day those friends will do a guest post ;) ) 

The movie of the night was Lady and the Tramp

My husband made spaghetti and I helped!  Okay not really but I did put the Blu-Ray in the Blu-ray player.  Yay me!  And yay for my husband that cooks! 

We also had some yummy red wine to go with it and the result was that we had our own little bella notte.

I’ve always liked Lady and the Tramp but I grew fonder of it recently because it reminds me of our honeymoon trip to Disney World last year.  We stayed at Pop Century and a very large figure of Tramp guarded our door!

Lady stood right across from him in front of the other building.

Watching Lady and the Tramp brought back that happy memory of our trip which was an added bonus!  We really enjoyed our Disney night at home!

I hope you have a bella weekend!

Do you have any Disney fun at home you’d like to share?  Please email me at Nerissa@SoDisney.com for a chance to share on Disney at Home Fridays.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Thoughts Monday- Bunny Hop!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a happy Easter!  My weekend was even better than usual!  My husband and I did our first 5K and afterwards we celebrated at Disneyland with some Disney bunnies that were around for Easter! 

For today's Happy Thoughts Monday, I decided I would share some photos that will have you doing the Bunny Hop!

At Disneyland as a part of Limited Time Magic they had some Easter themed celebrations they called Spring Fling.  They had a special section where you could meet the Easter Bunny!

While waiting in line to meet him, a Cast Member handed us free Peeps!

Before each Soundsational Parade there was a special cavalcade of some of our favorite Disney bunnies! We were a little sad that they didn't do this more often throughout the day.  We had gotten to the park in the morning and ended up leaving and then coming back in the afternoon to catch it.  A float with the Dapper Dans, Mickey and Minnie dressed for spring time, and the Easter Bunny show up on Main Street followed by Disney rabbits- the White Rabbit, Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh,  Brer Rabbit, and the biggest treat- the rarely seen Roger Rabbit!

I love Minnie's dress!  I want one just like it!
White Rabbit and Rabbit!

Roger Rabbit!!!

Bunny tails!
They stop at the top of the street to show everyone how to do the Bunny Hop!  The characters stand in Main Street and of course Roger Rabbit was surrounded by people pretty quickly so we stood next to the other rarely seen bunny, Brer Rabbit!

After the Bunny Hop, they all quickly left!  It seemed much too short!  I would've loved a photo with Roger Rabbit but he moved quick and was surrounded pretty much the whole time!  I hope that Disney realizes how excited people get to see these rarely seen characters and bring them out more often!


Despite how short it was, the Bunny Hop was still cute and it's always fun to see those characters you usually don't see at the park!  Plus it was fun to meet the Easter Bunny!

I hope you enjoyed all the Disney bunny pictures and that it gives your week a hoppy start! 

Do you have a photo you would like to submit for Happy Thoughts Monday?  Please submit your photo to Nerissa@SoDisney.com !

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