Friday, April 5, 2013

Disney at Home- Lady and the Tramp Movie Night!

So it time for a second new feature that I am adding to So Disney!  I plan to have other posts as well but I have some stuff going on right now that is keeping me a way from the computer.  I haven’t decided if this feature is going to be weekly or bi-weekly.  We'll see how it goes!

The new feature is Disney at Home Fridays!  Not everyone can make it to the parks and even though I’m nearby I am not always able to head over to Disneyland either.  Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a little Disney fun at home whether it be through a movie night, décor, a party, or games!

To start off this feature I decided to share a picture from a couple months ago!  It was a weeknight after a long day at work and my husband and I decided to have a Disney movie night!  Some friends of ours enjoy themed dinner and movie nights routinely and they always seem a lot of fun so we did a simple version of one!  (maybe some day those friends will do a guest post ;) ) 

The movie of the night was Lady and the Tramp

My husband made spaghetti and I helped!  Okay not really but I did put the Blu-Ray in the Blu-ray player.  Yay me!  And yay for my husband that cooks! 

We also had some yummy red wine to go with it and the result was that we had our own little bella notte.

I’ve always liked Lady and the Tramp but I grew fonder of it recently because it reminds me of our honeymoon trip to Disney World last year.  We stayed at Pop Century and a very large figure of Tramp guarded our door!

Lady stood right across from him in front of the other building.

Watching Lady and the Tramp brought back that happy memory of our trip which was an added bonus!  We really enjoyed our Disney night at home!

I hope you have a bella weekend!

Do you have any Disney fun at home you’d like to share?  Please email me at for a chance to share on Disney at Home Fridays.


  1. Cool feature! I think it's so fun to match what you're eating to what you're watching and spaghetti and Lady and the Tramp sounds like the perfect recipe for a wonderful evening.

    Those friends of yours sound awesome. ;)I hope they do share more of what they've cooked up. I'm sure they've done a few that they haven't posted yet. ;)

    1. It was a good evening! My friends are totally awesome to have inspired it. :D I hope they share some more too! ;)

  2. How fun to have a Disney themed evening! I think we might start doing that! Oh, I hope those friends will do a guest post (or two) as well! Hope you're having a great week(end)!

    1. Disney themed evenings are so fun! :) Let me know if you have one! I hope those friends will do some guest posts too! They are really creative! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

  3. Great feature! Sometimes it is nice to stay home on Friday night, but that's no reason one can't make a special night of it! I look forward to any ideas you have. Oh and that spaghetti looks yum.

    1. Thanks and so true! Sometimes a nice night at home is just what one needs! :) The spaghetti was delicious! :)

  4. Cute! If you love Lady and the Tramp, you need to go eat at Tony's Town Square Restaurant next time you visit Disney World. I recently went there and its soo good. Authentic Itlaian food, with a gorgeous statue/fountain of Lady and the Tramp right in the center. The restaurant is located at the front of Magic Kingdom on Main Street and its supposed to be modeled after the restaurant that Lady and the Tramp shared their iconic spaghetti kiss =o) So cute.


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