Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Thoughts Monday- Bunny Hop!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a happy Easter!  My weekend was even better than usual!  My husband and I did our first 5K and afterwards we celebrated at Disneyland with some Disney bunnies that were around for Easter! 

For today's Happy Thoughts Monday, I decided I would share some photos that will have you doing the Bunny Hop!

At Disneyland as a part of Limited Time Magic they had some Easter themed celebrations they called Spring Fling.  They had a special section where you could meet the Easter Bunny!

While waiting in line to meet him, a Cast Member handed us free Peeps!

Before each Soundsational Parade there was a special cavalcade of some of our favorite Disney bunnies! We were a little sad that they didn't do this more often throughout the day.  We had gotten to the park in the morning and ended up leaving and then coming back in the afternoon to catch it.  A float with the Dapper Dans, Mickey and Minnie dressed for spring time, and the Easter Bunny show up on Main Street followed by Disney rabbits- the White Rabbit, Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh,  Brer Rabbit, and the biggest treat- the rarely seen Roger Rabbit!

I love Minnie's dress!  I want one just like it!
White Rabbit and Rabbit!

Roger Rabbit!!!

Bunny tails!
They stop at the top of the street to show everyone how to do the Bunny Hop!  The characters stand in Main Street and of course Roger Rabbit was surrounded by people pretty quickly so we stood next to the other rarely seen bunny, Brer Rabbit!

After the Bunny Hop, they all quickly left!  It seemed much too short!  I would've loved a photo with Roger Rabbit but he moved quick and was surrounded pretty much the whole time!  I hope that Disney realizes how excited people get to see these rarely seen characters and bring them out more often!


Despite how short it was, the Bunny Hop was still cute and it's always fun to see those characters you usually don't see at the park!  Plus it was fun to meet the Easter Bunny!

I hope you enjoyed all the Disney bunny pictures and that it gives your week a hoppy start! 

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  1. That's a neat idea - having all the rabbits together. Wow, Brer Rabbit, and that's pretty cool you got to see Roger Rabbit. I can't remember, have they done this previous Easters? That's too bad they didn't do it more through out the day. I really like Minnie's dress too!

  2. So cute! I really wanted to go see this, but we had so much else to do this weekend. Congrats on running your first 5K! The only time I had seen Rabbit was the day after your bachelorette. (I went crazy and got SO EXCITED when I got to meet him LOL) So I think it's so cool that they brought out these rarely seen characters. The Disney parks blog had a poll for you to vote on what rarely seen character to come to the parks for a Limited Time. Did you see that? I think Roger may have been on the list.

    I hope they do this again next year so I can participate. :D

  3. Fun!! Seeing the rarer characters makes me nostalgic for the character breakfast I had with my parents on one of my first trips to Disneyland - ALL the characters were there. That would make a fun Facebook post one day...if I didn't look so dorky, hahaha


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