Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Lone Ranger Red Carpet at Disney California Adventure

This past Saturday, my husband and I took a break from our errands to make a quick visit to Disneyland.  I knew The Lone Ranger premiere was going on at Disney California Adventure that day so I thought it'd be fun to see what was set up for it before we continued on our chores list.  Our quick visit ended up not being quick at all but I'm so glad we stopped by because it was definitely worth putting off those chores!

Once we got there we saw that the red carpet for the premiere went up Buena Vista Street, past Carthay Circle and into the Hollywood Pictures Backlot.  Celebrities were already starting to walk down the carpet and there were still some spots for viewing so we snagged one quick to see who was walking by!
The first person we spotted was one that my husband recognized right away!  It was baseball player Cal Ripken, Jr.

Cal Ripken, Jr.

Up next there were several stars that I recognized from the Disney Channel! 

Corbin Bleu from High School Musical!

Jason Earles from Hannah Montana

Jason Dolley from Good Luck Charlie

China Anne McClain from A.N.T. Farm

I didn't really recognize these two but when I looked it up online I saw that they were from ABC Family's Switched At Birth.

Katie Leclerc and Vanessa Marano

As a big Once Upon A Time fan, I was all kinds of excited when I spotted this actress walking by!  I literally did a double take!  It's the Evil Queen!  

Lana Parrilla from Once Upon A Time

Here are some other of my favorites we got to see!

Orlando Jones!!!! from like everything.  okay, not everything but a lot of things!

William Fichtner--  he plays Butch Cavendish in The Lone Ranger!

One of the people we were most excited to see was Krysten Ritter. We have been catching up on the TV show Breaking Bad on Netflix over the past couple months.  I won't give away any spoilers but she's in a few episodes and it was really neat to see her in person.

Krysten Ritter!

It was sometime after this that we started to wonder if we should keep waiting to see if we could spot Johnny Depp or if we should head out.  The idea of being able to see him was very appealing because he is my absolute favorite!  But we weren't sure how well we would be able to see once he got there. 

We decided that since we had been waiting around an hour and a half already we'd give it a little more time.  Eventually the crowd ahead of us started getting really excited and it seemed like the time had come...Johnny Depp was on his way!  People started pushing and those on the bleachers stood up so it became very hard to see.  At this point I was so determined to see him I didn't care, I pushed my way to any area where I could see what looked like Johnny Depp walking by.  I finally reached a spot where I could see perfectly as the excitement of the crowd started to die down... once I got a good look I noticed that something wasn't quite right.

The NOT Johnny Depp

It was a fake Johnny Depp!  Someone decided to dress up just like him and he really fooled everybody!

I was pretty disappointed but it wasn't much longer until the crowd started to get excited again.  This time it was for the real Johnny Depp!  It was hard to see but I spotted him and my husband and I kept following along as he made his way down the red carpet.  I sort of felt like I was in a dream because seeing him anywhere besides on a screen was always something I never thought possible!  It was very surreal.  Most of our photos are blurry because we only had our iPhones with us and we were surrounded by people but here are some of the best ones we got!


Johnny Depp surrounded by fans at the happiest place on Earth!

This next photo may be my favorite of the pictures we got of him.  I love how you can see he's really close but that we are sandwiched between people.

Why hello there Johnny!

Afterwards Johnny Depp left the red carpet through what seemed like a side entrance into Carthay Circle Restaurant and he was gone.  It seemed like he might come back but we decided it was time to get moving.

We headed over to the wine bar by Wine Country Trattoria because it's a nice quiet place to take a break from the park crowds.  After buying some wine we sat down at one of the tables.  We talked about the stars we saw when suddenly my husband grinned, grabbed his wine, and started walking back to the bar.  Confused I turned around and saw Krysten Ritter!!!  She and a couple of her friends were at the wine bar!

We jumped back in line for wine despite the fact that we each had almost a full glass in hand. There wasn't really anyone else around so after she was done at the wine bar I asked her if we could get a photo with her.  We explained we had just seen her episodes of Breaking Bad and were big fans.  She was very nice and said yes!  Originally my husband was going to take a photo of me with her but I figured it'd be more fun if we could all be in the photo so we did a self portrait!

Us with Krysten Ritter!

And that was our Lone Ranger red carpet experience!  What started out as a usual day ended up being amazing!  I look forward to seeing The Lone Ranger when it is in theaters!


  1. Awesome pictures! Sounds like a fun day. I can't believe that's Corbin Bleu he looks so different. Yeah Krystin Ritter is also from ABC show called "Don't Trust the B- in Atp 23". Haha that fake Johnny Depp dressed like how the real one dresses sometimes but the real Johnny Depp looked great. I am glad you got to see him. Yay, Lana Parrilla, she is great actress. Great post today!

    1. Thanks! I'm happy you enjoyed today's post! It was fun to see Corbin- he does look different without the afro he had in HSM! I used to see commercials for Krysten Ritter's ABC show but haven't seen an episode. I think it was cancelled but I'm going to see if I can watch it online. The fake Johnny Depp did a good job dressing up like him but was nothing compared to the real one! :D I was so happy to see Lana Parilla! I agree, she's awesome! :)

  2. That fake Johnny Depp guy got us at the last Pirates premiere two years ago too! lol He was sitting at the Uva Bar with friends and was drawing a crowd. He's a great look-a-like, but nothing like the real thing!

    It's really cool that you got to see so many stars. I loved how they organized the red carpet this year at DCA. I hope they keep all premieres there from now on. DL Main Street is too crowded for that now.

    It's funny because we had two people we know go to DL this weekend who were completely oblivious to the red carpet and they were AT DCA that day, so it just goes to show how great of a job Disney did this time around of keeping the premiere separate from the regular theme park experience.

    1. Apparently that guy's hobby is to make people think he's Johnny Depp! haha. I wonder if "faux Johnny Depp" is on his business card. ;)
      I thought the set up at DCA was great too! Although if they were to do another Pirates I would want them to keep the premiere at Disneyland because I think it's really neat how they show the movie at the Rivers of America so close to the Pirates ride! :)
      They did a really good job at DCA though. They had people entering and exiting out of the side entrance they had been using back when they were renovating the front entrance. I was surprised we were able to find a spot but I think it had to do with how well they used the space! :)

  3. So glad you stayed! Although we shoulda met up and had a glass of wine together. :)

  4. How fun! Is it just a regular day at the parks, or are the premieres by special invitation?

    Hubby and I just started (and got all caught up on) Once Upon a Time! Lana Parilla is one of my favorites on the show! That is so exciting!! :)


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