Monday, January 20, 2014

Tinker Bell Half Marathon runDisney Expo 2014

This past weekend I completed the Tinker Bell 10k!  It was a really great weekend and it all started with visiting the Health and Fitness Expo.

My first stop was picking up my packet that contained my running bib.  

My bib came along with the Tink 10K pin.  I don't remember ordering it but I was happy I did because it was cute!

Next I went upstairs to pick up my shirt at the Expo. 

I was pleasantly surprised when I received it.  I liked the design and color. 

I explored the rest of the Expo after that.  There were some interesting stands but there didn't seem to be as many as there were for the Disneyland 10k weekend last fall.  

I enjoyed the New Balance stand.  I didn't actually try on any of their new shoes but I liked the booths that were there to sit on while you did so I hung out there for a few minutes.

Super cute Minnie booth!

Sorcerer Mickey giving me some pointers for my 10k!

New Balance crew photobomb!

I visited the Sparkle Athletic stand where I saw a friend (delovelydetails) who was working there and I bought a running skirt for my next run event. 

I walked by the stage where Margaret Kerry was speaking.  She was the original animator's reference model for Walt Disney's Tinker Bell!

Last stop I made was the runDisney merchandise area.  They didn't have anything that interested me but I was tempted to take this guy home!

After walking around the Expo a little bit more, I headed home where my husband made me a yummy plate of spaghetti!  I had been away for work most of the week so it was nice to have a hot meal the night before the 10k.  After that I got ready for the next day and went to bed!

Next post:  A recap of my Tinker Bell 10k Experience!


  1. That Minnie booth was so cute! Especially with the little Figaro there.

  2. The pin is awesome! I really like that and the shirt is pretty. I didn't know they used a reference model for Tinker Bell, that is so cool. I looked her up, thanks for sharing that!


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