Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Drinks at Trader Sam's!

As some of you may already know- I love going to Trader Sam's!  I've had a lot of fun times there.  It replaced my favorite bar that was there before called Lost Bar but it was a decent replacement and my husband and I still like to go.  

Last week we stopped by on our way home from work and noticed that the menu had changed.  Two new drinks are now available- the Murky Mojito and the Passionate Python. We each got one so we could try them both! 

One of the new drinks is the Murky Mojito.  "Refreshing as a scoop of deepest river water...Sam stirs up rums, lime juice, mint and Angostura bitters.  It'll float your boat."

I was happy to see that the Mosquito Mojito was next to it and also still available since it's one of my favorites. 

I decided to give the Murky Mojito a try and was not disappointed.  It looks dark and murky so the name suits it well!  It's definitely different from the Mosquito Mojito.  The Mosquito Mojito is more of a light and refreshing drink and the Murky Mojito seemed heavier but still tasty! 

The other new drink is the Passionate Python.  "This breathtaking potion has a sqeeze of citrus juices, wrapped in passion fruit and rum that will really get a hold on you!" 

My husband gave this one a try.  I loved the orange peel "python" that they decorated the drink with!  He said it tasted a bit like a Mai Tai.  We both swapped drinks and decided that of the two new drinks I liked the Murky Mojito and my husband liked the Passionate Python better but that they're both worth a try!

There was one other change to the menu that we noticed that I was admittedly not as excited about.  They no longer have my favorite fish tacos!   They have been replaced with Shrimp Tacos which may be exciting for some but since I don't like shrimp, I was pretty disappointed.  I wish they had added the Shrimp Tacos but had kept my fish tacos too. 

There seemed to be a couple other changes to the menu too like the "Big Island Flatbread" but I was so distracted by my missing tacos I didn't notice!  Despite being sad about the tacos, it was exciting to try the new drinks.  We had a great time and I look forward to going back soon!

Which of the new drinks do you want to try?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Eggs at Disneyland's Springtime Roundup

This year instead of the Bunny Hop on Main Street that they had last Easter, you can find lots of springtime and Easter fun (including that bunny hop!) at the Springtime Roundup at Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree.  I've gone a couple times so far and the last time I was there, I had a nice time looking at the amazing art that their egg decorators have created.  They didn't seem to be actual eggs but I thought it was awesome anyway.  The egg decorators were there working on more and as someone who loves to paint designs on my nails, watching them paint definitely made me jealous of how they get to spend their day!  There was so much creative work to look at so I took several photos to share with you all!

Elsa Easter Egg
Elsa from Frozen!

I love how the Up eggs are balloons!

Cheshire Cat Easter Egg
Cheshire Cat teacup egg!  Did you spot the oyster?

I love all of these!

Impressive Celia from Monsters Inc.

The 'M' egss- Merida and Maleficent!

The doorknob from Alice in Wonderland!

Where's Perry?  It's Agent P and Sorcerer Mickey!

White Rabbit, little Sully, and Sally!

Thumper and Lotso Eggs.  I love the detail!  Lotso even has his cane!


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