Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Menu at Alfresco Tasting Terrace

On Tuesday, my husband and I checked out the new menu at the Alfresco Tasting Terrace in Disney California Adventure. 

We enjoy going there after a long day at work to unwind.  It's on the second floor of the Golden Vine Winery and the view up there is wonderful.  When we heard about the new menu we wanted to check it out so we stopped by.  We went up the stairs and to our surprise it seemed that it was no longer open seating.  A host escorted us to a table and explained the menu.  So fancy!

We opened the menu and were pleased with what we found inside.  Most of the bars and lounges at the Disneyland Resort (and even some in Disney World) have similar menus.  This menu is different and includes options from the eight wineries of the 'Disney Family of Wines'.  This was perfect for us because we often pick our wine based on it's connection to Disney!

The wineries included are Fess Parker Winery, MacMurray Ranch, Silverado Vineyards, Lasseter Family Winery, Gogi (owned Kurt Russell), Frank Family Vineyards, Chappellet Winery, and Skywalker Vineyards. 

The first page had an explanation about the 'Disney Family of Wines'.   Here's what it said: 
"The Disney Family of Wines have been chosen from the many vineyards of California because of a singular connection.  Each vintner represented in The Disney Family of Wines has had a personal relationship with the Disney name.  That relationship may have involved an artistic talent, a sense of what makes for good storytelling, or quintessential family DNA, but all of these wineries have displayed qualities long identified with Walt Disney and The Walt Disney Company.  Each of the wines chosen carries on the Disney legacy, typifying the passion, innovation and quality that the Disney name has symbolized for decades."
It also had a list of the wine flights available.

We liked that there were pages that had a photo and a description of how each of the wineries are connected to Disney. 

We were happy to see Fess Parker Winery in there.  We've been to that winery several times and it's one of our favorites.

Frank Family Vineyards was another familiar name since we'd visited them before too.

Lasseter Family Winery was on a page also.  I still have a signed bottle of Lasseter wine at home that I bought at the Food and Wine Festival at DCA years ago!   I never opened it so I was eager to try one. 

There are no cocktails on the menu anymore but there are some beer options.  There is also a new list of appetizers that all sound delicious.

We were tempted to get a wine flight but decided to save it for another time.  Instead we each ordered our own glass.  I got the MacMurray Ranch Pinot Noir which I liked very much.  My husband got Silverado Vineyards, Miller Ranch Sauvignon Blanc which we'd had before and also enjoy.  Silverado is another one of the wineries we've been to so we often choose it when it's on a menu.  Finally we ordered a glass of Lasseter Family Winery Enjoue Rosé to go and we shared it while walking around the park.

Here's a few more photos from our visit there!

The view-

We also spotted a cat!

I had my new little Pascal with me.  He sat on my shoulder during our visit and made sure no one took my wine! 

We had a really nice time.  I look forward to going back and trying more items from the menu!

Want to read more about wine connected to Disney?  Check out the links below:
Fess Parker Winery
Wine Seller/Festival Gift Shop at DCA (2010)- where I got my signed Lasseter wine
Festival Wine Walks- California Classics (Food and Wine Festival at DCA 2010)


  1. I tried the Red, White and Rose wine flight, Ricotta balls, 2 sided flatbread and some of the cheese plate. It was all good! I was worried it was going to be small amounts but it was plenty. I also tried some of my friend's White Wine flight (we traded drinks midway) and I think I liked that one the best so I'll have to order that next time. When you order the flights, they serve them on little menus that explain what each wine is and what flavors it has and then one of the servers comes around and explains more about the vineyard and the Disney connection. I knew who Kurt Russell, Diane Disney Miller, Fess Parker and John Lasseter were but I guess some people don't so I didn't interrupt her speech. lol

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  3. Also, Mindy asked about the cocktails and they took her name down. I guess other people have inquired too so maybe with enough interest they'll open up the full bar again?

  4. Sounds like a pleasant evening. This is somewhere I'd like to go next time I am out there. Thanks for including pics from the menu.



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